Counseling individual & group counseling

Shweta Association was founded with the objective of understanding the Vitiligo people, listening to their difficulties, sharing experiences, exchanging views and to ponder on their opinions regarding "Life with Vitiligo".

Everybody with this malady needs to accept the changed external appearance, which is very difficult most of the times.

A little support, a helping hand offered by the people who have overcome similar situations in life makes all the difference.

We provide counseling in three tiers:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Counseling workshops by counselors and psychologists

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Marriage Bureau & matrimonial meets

Marriage Bureau & Matrimonial Meets is one of our most sought-after activities. It is functioning since September 2002 with the help of a few marriage bureaus from Pune.

Up to the year 2015, more than 1500 boys and girls have registered and 950 marriages have been arranged successfully. Click here to read more.

Cosmetic camouflage

Cosmetic Camouflage & sunscreen protection

The concept of covering up the patches with simple Foundation Cream after matching the color tone is novel. It provides a boost for one's confidence while presenting oneself in day-to-day activities or on special occasions like attending parties, marriages etc. These make ups are time tested and do not cause any reaction or side effects on the delicate skin of person having Vitiligo.

The Fixing Powder helps to blend the color to surrounding skin and makes it stable. The make up stays on skin for 7-8 hours and can be touched up if needed. The makeup should be removed with cold cream at bed time. We have made DERMACOLOR make up creams and Fixing Powder available at our office.


Employment Bureau for better jobs & better placements

A few Vitiligo people face difficulty in getting good jobs as job opportunities wither due to changed looks. Many times these people do compromise for the offers which are not at par with their qualifications. The jobs where looks are important like front desk jobs, waiters, receptionist, anchors, air hostesses, actors / actresses are beyond the reach for these people.

Shweta Association offers help to all these people for better placement. Please send your resume to us, if you are unemployed or not happy with current job.

Training Programs

Training Programs for counselors & volunteers

All organizations need volunteers for conducting day to day activities of the Institution and to organize various programs efficiently. We conduct training programs for volunteers and counselors to improve their skills and knowledge, methodology and confidence.

Besides training the volunteers in REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), two such training sessions were conducted by the organization successfully.

Public Programs

Public Programs for scientific & social awareness in schools & colleges

It is a need of the hour to remove the misconceptions and myths about Vitiligo from the minds of people at large. Society must look at this problem in the right perspective and accept these people in the mainstream. This herculean task can be carried out by giving correct medical information about this disorder.

Also by giving info about its treatment and results of treatment and by appealing to the social consciousness of the masses. We conduct at least four public programs every year that are chaired by eminent social workers and dignitaries.