Shweta Marriage Bureau & Matrimonial Meets

Functioning since September 2002 with the help of a few marriage bureaus from Pune, this is one of our most sought-after activities. Up to the year 2015, more than 1500 boys and girls have registered and 950 marriages have been arranged successfully.

We register candidates having Vitiligo or candidates whose parents or other family members have Vitiligo. However, we also welcome people who do not have Vitiligo but out of a sense of social responsibility are willing to marry our members.

Registrations can be done in person at our office, by filling an online form, or by downloading the form below.

Register Online

You can register your marriage profile ONLINE in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have the following information with you:
  • Your horoscope (Optional)
  • Your digital photograph (JPEG file. Optional)
  • Details like age, education, profession of your family members
Once you have gathered the information, click the button below to fill up the registration form.

Step 2: After the form is successfully filled and submitted,
Step 3:

Download Form

If you choose to download the form, please print it, fill up the details and send the form by post to:

Shweta Association
26, Sahawas Society,
Karve Nagar, Pune - 411 052

Experiences of Vitiligo patients married through Shweta Association